11 Reasons to study higher education in the UAE

UAE has developed as one of the leading educational hubs and attractive destinations for international students to seek knowledge, upskill themselves to be able to take control of their future career path. The UAE imparts knowledge to more international students by attracting them, compared to the number of students who go abroad for higher studies. Now it’s becoming the best higher education destination in Asia. This article talks about the reasons to choose the UAE as destination to study.

1. World class Quality education with a global outlook.

The UAE has been a popular tourist destination for some time, and now, it’s also a thriving study destination for international students from all over the world. The UAE prides itself on rigorous internationally derived academic quality standards: accrediting bodies, the Ministry of Education, and emirate-level bodies are diligent in maintaining standards through institutional licensure, program accreditation, reviews, and inspections. Campuses of more than 60 globally reputed international universities are available in the UAE as of now.

2. Availability of globally recognized institutions and universities.

UAE is home to a wide range of universities, both public and private. The availability of premium and excellent universities from different countries is a unique component of the higher education sector of UAE. Apart from UAE universities, a student can find the top higher educational institutions from Australia, France, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States. These institutions are changing the lives of people in different countries, especially from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, who utilize educational degrees to upskill themselves for career growth and change, start a business, or migrate to new country. The availability of wide range of these universities from different universities is major element attracting more international students to UAE.

3. Student Friendly Policies

Barrier free, easily obtainable student visa is a key attraction of higher education in the UAE. Recently the UAE government has initiated to offer the golden visa which is a long-term residence visa with exclusive benefits, for outstanding students and graduates. These policies would help to create a future-ready country that prioritizes academic accomplishment and the development of high-performing students.

The provision of Golden Visas, financial stipend, different scholarships, and possibility of part time job while studying;       make the UAE best popular destination country for higher education and will allow students and graduates in the UAE to ensure continued opportunities and build the career in the fields of science, technology, business and beyond.

4. Safety and Security

UAE recently topped the list of countries where people feel safe walking alone at night. About 95% of residents confirmed the country’s safety in Gallup’s Global Law and Order 2021 report. The United Arab Emirates also came 2nd in the highest law and order index, considering it the second safest country after Norway, scoring 93 and 94 points, respectively. So, if you are considering the concern of safety and security for choosing study destination, then UAE will be remining as best option for.

5. Affordability

The UAE provides internationally acclaimed education at affordable fees. Many leading Western universities in the UAE offer the same degrees as their home campuses, only with lower tuition rates and living expenses. International students will get quality of education from globally ranked foreign universities with affordable expenses in the UAE.

6. Average cost to living and Studying

As an international student, one of the deciding factors in choosing a study abroad destination is the cost of living. This would obviously include tuition fees among several other expenses on things such as food, accommodation, utilities, transportation, recreation, health and more. Having a somewhat clear idea of what you would be spending every day in the UAE is the ideal way to understand what studying in the UAE would look like. UAE having less living cost for international students comparatively to USA, UK, Canada, and Germany

7. Internship and placement opportunities

The availability of corporate, multi- national companies and its connection with education institutions create amazing opportunities for internship, placement, and employment. The internship, practicum, placement facilities in the cooperate offices and international companies provide practical exposure to the students. Most universities in the UAE have partners across various industry sectors which can support the students for their placements, work experience or future career prospects.

8. Part-time job opportunity

UAE permits students for part time jobs during their studies. As UAE is a world-leading hub for passenger transport, cargo logistics, tourism, finance and host of multinational companies and corporates, the part time job would help the student to get the practical exposure, professional connectivity that support their career development in future.

9. Business and entrepreneurship opportunities

Having the most dynamic economies worldwide, the UAE is internationally recognized as the leading financial and trading center at the heart of the world’s economy. Through business-friendly approaches and policies, UAE is attracting the world’s global business masterminds. They encourage them and open the doors to start and flourish their business. UAE promotes new business initiatives, startups, and entrepreneurship. UAE, especially Dubai will be best destination for students with business and entrepreneurship aspiration.

10. Career possibilities

As UAE is host of thousands of international companies and corporates, it’s also a better destination where dream career can be developed, especially in the fields of science, technology, business and beyond.

11. The diverse and international community

Currently more than 200 nationalities are residing in the UAE, and they are coexisting by supporting and influencing each other. So, the UAE has grown into center of multicultural, multireligious, multilingual nucleus of varied traditions as it became as center of business, tourism.

Its highly noted that newly emerging courses like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data science, Cyber forensic, Cyber security, Internet of Things, Blockchain, digital transformation are available in different institutions in the UAE. As UAE having its own ministry of Artificial intelligence which is marked as first Artificial Intelligence Ministry in the world and exclusive research university of Artificial Intelligence; UAE have been came a long way in adopting new technologies and development of 4th industrial revolution. UAE being accessible destination to Asians, junction for passengers from different continents and international business hub; it has been developed as best destination for study too for international students.

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