Career Counselling

As EduGlider has a panel of best-experienced career counselors in the UAE with proven track records, students can experience effective counselling. EduGlider supports the student to choose the right career according to their aptitude, personal choice, area of interest, job opportunities, and ever-changing world scenarios. However, choosing the right university and navigating the admission process can be overwhelming. This is where the best education consultants in Dubai, EduGlider come in, we can guide students through the process of selecting a university, application procedures, and visa requirements.

A study abroad aspirant student who has gone through our counselling process will get the following benefits: –

Identifying interests and skills: Our experienced career counselors help the students to identify their interests and skills to make the right decision in choosing a course and university by providing detailed information as well as the job market demand and career possibilities.

Making the right decision: Our career counselors provide students with detailed information on different courses and universities after verifying their previous academic qualifications and student profile, as well as the career opportunities to choose the best university for their appropriate course.

Navigating the Application Process: Career counselling guides the process of applying to universities and courses and meeting its admission requirements.

Career Planning: Our career counselors will provide guidance and opportunities related to their chosen university and course that helps the students to fulfill their dreams and achieve their career goals.

Overcoming Challenges: Career counselors will provide guidance in overcoming challenges, adopting new environments, and exploring the best experiences.

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