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Post Study Work opportunities in US

Post-Study Work Opportunities for International Students in the US

The United States has long been a coveted destination for international students seeking high-quality education and diverse cultural experiences. Beyond the academic journey, the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the US is a significant draw.  We will explore the various post-study work opportunities available for international students in the US, providing a comprehensive guide to navigating the complex landscape of visas and employment options.   Understanding the OPT Program Optional Practical Training (OPT) is the primary pathway

Checklist for Studying in Australia

Your Essential Pre-Arrival Checklist for Studying in Australia

Studying in Australia is a dream come true for countless students around the world . With its renowned education system, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes, Australia stands out as an ideal destination for international students. But let’s be honest, preparing for such a big move can feel quite overwhelming. To help you make this transition smoother, we’ve put together an essential pre-arrival checklist for studying in Australia. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know,

Medical Education Abroad

Navigating Medical Education Abroad: A Guide for UAE Students

Navigating Medical Education Abroad: A Guide for UAE Students   Medical education is a journey that demands dedication, hard work, and significant financial investment. For students in the UAE, pursuing medical education abroad has become an attractive option due to the exposure to diverse healthcare systems, advanced medical technologies, and global opportunities. This intends to give UAE students a thorough road map for navigating international medical education; it covers all the bases, from selecting the best program and destination

medical courses abroad

The Complete Guide to Applying for Medical Courses in Canada and USA

Studying medical courses abroad is a dream for many aspiring doctors and healthcare professionals. Top destinations for overseas students are the USA and Canada because of their innovative research facilities, diverse clinical experiences, and outstanding education. showcase some of the top universities in the USA and Canada, and offer crucial advice for international students.   Why Study Medical Courses Abroad? Pursuing medical courses abroad offers several advantages: Quality Education: Canada and the USA are renowned for their high educational standards and rigorous curricula. Advanced Facilities: Having access

UK Graduate Route Visa Extension - Edu Glider

UK Graduate Route Visa Extension: Benefits for International Students

We are excited to share an important update regarding the UK Graduate Route Visa that will significantly benefit all international students. The UK government has officially confirmed the extension of the Graduate Route Visa, now allowing international graduates to stay in the UK for up to three years post-graduation. This extended period provides graduates with more time to gain valuable work experience in the UK market, further enhancing their professional skills and career prospects. For employers, this extension represents a fantastic opportunity

Choosing the Right Study Destination: Malaysia vs. UAE

International students frequently have an abundance of options when choosing the ideal place to study. Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are two well-liked choices that regularly top the list. Both nations have distinctive educational options, dynamic cultures, and plenty of chances for both professional and personal development. Here we compare institutions in Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates and offer crucial advice for international students to assist you in making an informed choice.   Educational Excellence Malaysia Universities

Study Opportunities in Georgia: A Hidden Gem for UAE and Indian Students

Georgia, situated at the intersection of Europe and Asia, presents a distinctive mix of cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, and substantial educational prospects. This nation is becoming more and more acknowledged as a potential location for higher education as it makes its way on the international scene, particularly for students from the UAE and India. Georgia is a popular choice for students wishing to study abroad because of its friendly atmosphere, excellent educational system, and reasonably priced tuition. We go into

Annual Career Fair at BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus – May 2024

We at EduGlider were thrilled to connect with so many talented and ambitious students. The energy and enthusiasm at the event were truly inspiring. A huge thank you to BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus for hosting such a well-organized and impactful event. From insightful conversations to exploring innovative ideas, the fair was a fantastic platform for networking and discovering new opportunities. We are excited about the potential collaborations and the bright future that lies ahead for all the participants. Kudos to all the

The University of Europe

A New Era of Education: University of Europe for Applied Sciences Comes to Dubai

The educational landscape in Dubai is witnessing a transformative shift with the arrival of the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE), a prestigious German institution. As a beacon of innovative education, UE’s new campus in Dubai promises to enhance the region’s academic offerings and provide students with unparalleled opportunities. This expansion signifies a significant milestone in Dubai’s educational journey, blending German precision and academic rigor with the vibrant and diverse environment of the UAE.   The University of Europe for Applied

BITS Pilani Annual Career Fair

We’re Joining BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus for their Annual Career Fair!

We at Eduglider are thrilled to announce our participation in the prestigious Annual Career Fair hosted by BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus. This event, scheduled for the 10th of May 2024, presents an incredible opportunity for us to engage with talented individuals and explore potential collaborations with one of the leading educational institutions in the region. What to Expect: Date & Time: Mark your calendars for May 10th, 2024, from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Venue: The event