Rule changes in UK Student visa: Everything You Need to Know

No changes to Post Study Work Visa Students can no longer switch from a study visa to a work visa before completing their course. Only international students on courses designated as research programs will be permitted to take family members as dependents. As immigration is marked at an all-time high in the UK and net migration crossed the level of half million, Rishi Sunak Government has announced some policy changes in Student rules to restrict the student migration flow to UK. According to data

The Best Educational consultancy in Dubai to study abroad

The Best Educational consultancy in Dubai to study abroad

Students in Dubai who have completed senior secondary education or bachelor’s degree course and plan to study abroad might have confused whether they apply for admission directly or to approach any best study abroad consultancy in Dubai or UAE to complete the admission successfully. Dubai has a significant number of expatriates population, and many individuals from different countries residing and working in, there are high number of candidates who are looking to pursue their higher education abroad. Currently Dubai is

Educational consultant dubai

Why should I go to an educational consultant if I am planning to study abroad

The question of why I should go for an education consultancy if I am planning to study abroad, while it is possible to plan and travel abroad independently, is very relevant. But it’s true that the study abroad process is time-consuming and confusing as different countries, universities and colleges are available and exhausting chores to complete the process successfully. So, study abroad consultancies play significant roles in making study abroad plans successful. The experienced study-overseas consultants provide a very smooth

Best place to study Abroad: Everything you need to know

If you are a study abroad aspirant who is looking to study undergraduate or postgraduate course, selecting university and country are the crucial decision which can be effectively done only with support of filed experts and best study abroad consultant. It requires a lot of research and preparation to make the best decision which will bring incredible and transforming experiences. Based on my experiences in EduGlider, one of the best educational consultants in UAE, here I am talking about essential

Why Study in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of popular tourist destination and the most beautiful countries within Europe. Home to much more than chocolate and cuckoo clocks and more than eight million residents, the country’s world-class universities attract countless prospective students looking for quality higher education. Switzerland is renowned for its high-quality education system and is home to some of the world’s top universities. Switzerland accommodates international students from different part of the globe. A large portion of the student population in Switzerland is foreign.

10 great reasons to study in the UK

The UK is home to many world-renowned and prestigious universities in the world, such as Oxford and Cambridge, that offer top-quality education and research opportunities. Beyond the world-class education and high-quality teaching, there more than 370 universities and colleges and higher educational institutions provide a wide range of specialized and diverse courses from traditional subjects like history and literature, to cutting-edge fields like biotechnology and renewable energy. The higher educational system in the UK gives students practical skills, preparing them for

International Student enrollments in the USA are surging: crossing one million.

US foreign enrolment once again exceeds one million students. Indian students are driving recovery as Chinese numbers decline. In the USA, currently there are 1.08 million international students with active study visas according to new data from the Department of Homeland Security’s Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). During the pandemic, international students’ numbers in the US dipped below the one-million student mark (as of fall 2020) for the first time since 2014. However, it has recovered this year to almost

How to apply to Study in UAE: the process and requirements

UAE is home to more than 60 globally ranked foreign and national higher educational institutions and hub of higher education by attracting a larger number of international students from different countries. Apart from national universities, globally ranked higher educational institution of different countries like Australia, France, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States are available. Now higher education in the UAE is growing to the position of best popular destination due to enrolment increasing, being affordable option, liberal student

7 benefits of studying higher education in the UAE

Now UAE is hub of higher education by attracting a larger number of international students from different countries. Inbound student mobility to UAE is tremendously growing every year. As UAE is known for its growing commercial hub, multi-cultural atmosphere, safety factors, career opportunities and excellent infrastructure, it’s a strategic location and vibrant environment which make an interesting and popular study destination for international students. This article explains the benefits for students who have got admission to study higher education in

Admission to universities in the UAE: A Complete Guide

UAE has developed as thriving destination for international students to pursue their higher education, seek knowledge, upskill themselves to be able to take control of their future career path. If you are planning to study higher education in the UAE, admission processes are very easy. If you meet the admission criteria of the course and university, you can ensure admission. This article clearly talks about the process of admission to universities in the UAE for higher education. 1. Select a program The first