Admission to universities in the UAE: A Complete Guide

UAE has developed as thriving destination for international students to pursue their higher education, seek knowledge, upskill themselves to be able to take control of their future career path.
If you are planning to study higher education in the UAE, admission processes are very easy. If you meet the admission criteria of the course and university, you can ensure admission. This article clearly talks about the process of admission to universities in the UAE for higher education.

1. Select a program

The first step of the application process of admission to universities in the UAE is to select the right program and choose the level of studies according to your requirement and aptitude. Once the program is finalized and shortlisted, then you can proceed with selecting an appropriate university. Most of the programs are taught in English Medium.

2. Select the University

Selecting the university is a very important step in the admission process. There are different categories of universities and higher educational institutions in the UAE.
1. National universities which are accredited by ministry of education
2. Foreign university with their direct off campus (Certificates will be provided by the university with approval of any educational authority in the UAE)
3. Study center (Programs of different foreign universities will be provided in a distant mode)
Accreditation of universities and approval of certificates in the country where you are focusing your career are very important concerns to be verified.

3. Documentation

After selecting the program and university, now it’s time to complete all your required documents as per university and program. These documents vary depending upon the degree and program levels which you are looking for. The following basic documents are asked to be submitted during the application.

  • Application form
  • Copy of a valid passport
  • Academic Certificates of previous courses
  • Recent passport-sized photo
  • Proof of English proficiency

Students are required to submit specific documentation during the process according to the requirements of the university and program. EMSAT is asked for very few universities only for selected programs. Submission methods are different in different universities, so it’s better to take guidance of any admission expert or educational consultancy for successful admission process. Generally, the minimum admission requirements are CGPA 3 , and bachelor’s degree in a required discipline with an aggregate of 55% or more for post-Graduation program.

4. Admission Confirmation

After submitting all the necessary documents and admission requirements it will take some time for admission result. If any clarification or extra document is required, the university will ask you for it. Once your application is accepted, the institution will send you a formal letter of acceptance that confirms your course details, the starting dates, tuition fees payment method and further process. An official acceptance letter will be sent to you once you’ve been accepted into the university.

5. Tuition Fees Payment

In your offer letter, payment instructions should be given clearly. Once you are proceeding with payment according to instruction, you will get the documents and letters from university for student visa process.

6. Student Visa Application

Once your application is accepted by the university and you have done with initial payment of tuition fees, you can apply for student visa. To apply for a student visa to study in UAE, the institution will provide required documents. Comparatively, student visa of UAE is having less rejection and easy process also. Once it’s approved, then you can travel to UAE.

If you are confused about the application process or selecting university in the UAE or planning to study in the best university in the UAE, it’s better to take consultation and guidance from admission experts. There are different consultancies providing guidance and admission services for international students who are looking for admission to university in the UAE. EduGlider is one of the best educational consultancies providing completed admission guidance and services for international students to universities in the UAE. Their details will be available on

Writer: Anoop (Admission Consultant)

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