From Application to Graduation: EduGlider’s Complete Roadmap for International Students in Canada

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Canada is the most popular study destination that encompasses quality education, academic excellence, multicultural enrichment, and career prospects. The journey as an international student in Canada will be unique and same time it can be both exciting and challenging. EduGlider, the best educational consultant in the Dubai, presents a comprehensive roadmap from application to graduation to help you make the most of your academic experience in Canada.

Research and Preparation
It’s very important to do complete research regarding the program and university you are choosing, especially its credibility, accreditation, teaching quality, global ranking, academic ambience, and placement opportunities. Some universities are providing scholarships and financial aid based on their academic excellence.

As most Canadian universities require English Language Proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL, An English proficiency test certificate is required to be submitted along with academic certificates and other documents. Financial planning and preparation are very crucial in this pre-application phase like estimating the expenses including tuition fees, living costs, insurance, and additional expenses. Educational consultants can support international students to do financial planning well.

It’s very important to apply to universities as early as possible to ensure admission. Academic transcripts, certificates, and other personal documents should be submitted in a proper and clear format. Apart from these certificates and documents, a Statement of Purpose explaining the motivation of study, and reason for choosing the specific university and program should be submitted along with recommendation letters.

Once an offer letter or response is received, review the response, and offer carefully and respond to it well. It’s very important to meet the conditions if anything is there and compare offers, programs, scholarships, and financial aid to make the right decision. If the offer and details are clear, then it’s ready to be proceeded with and to be accepted.

If the offer letter is accepted and tuition fees are paid, it’s possible to apply for a Canadian study permit. The documents including proof of financial support, acceptance letters and tuition fee payment proof are required to be submitted along with the study permit application.

Visa processes
Once study permission is provided, then the candidate can proceed with an application for a student visa. Offer letters, study permission, financial documents, academic transcripts, certificates, and other personal documents are required to be submitted along with the student visa application. Meanwhile, you can do complete research on available housing options, such as university dorms or off-campus apartments. One housing also confirmed you can book your flights and plan your arrival.

Arrival and Registration
University in Canada will start arrival support for international students a few weeks before the classes begin. That will help the students to settle in, adapt to a new climate, and new time zone, and to explore the surroundings. International students can complete direct registration processes in the university and open local bank accounts to manage their finances conveniently. Each university will provide a detailed orientation program for international students to familiarize themselves with the university system, campus facilities, resources, and support services.

Graduation and career development
Fulfilling all academic requirements for each program is mandatory for successful graduation. International students will get the opportunity of part-time jobs during their studies and full-time job opportunities after successful graduation. International students can apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) after successful graduation. Work experience and internships related to the field of study will provide practical exposure for students.

Taking advantage of updated labs, libraries, research facilities, academic advisors, and tutoring services that are available in the university, and taking opportunities to participate in clubs, societies, student associations and extracurricular activities will provide amazing experiences and learnings for international students. The placement opportunity is the most promising advantage of a university for international students.

The journey as an international student in Canada is a unique and transforming experience but the process of admission is confusing and challenging. EduGlider, the best educational consultancy in Dubai provides a complete service from application to graduation to help international students to get a successful admission to universities in Canada.

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