The Surging Trend of Increasing Study Abroad Students in India

In recent years, the number of Indian students travelling abroad to study abroad has reported an unprecedented surge, marking a significant shift in the landscape of global higher education. This trend reflects the changing landscape of study abroad, its aspirations, global mindset, and evolving educational preferences of Indian students. This article explores data on Indian students going abroad for higher education and the surge of its increase.


As per the official data of 2022, more than 1.3 million students are studying in different 79 countries abroad. In 2022, 7.5 lakh Indian students travelled abroad for higher education. This number increased by 68% over 2021. It was 5.1 lakhs and 5.8 lakhs in the years 2018 and 2019 respectively. The number of study-abroad-going students declined only during the year 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. As per the data collected by the union ministry of Education, in 2023, around 3.3 lakh Indian students left for higher education abroad until June 30. The same surge as last year is expected in the number of Indian students going abroad.


According to the data presented by the Ministry of External Affairs of India, in 2022, more than 13,00,000 Indian students were studying in 79 countries worldwide. As per the data 4,65,791 students are studying in the USA, 1,83,310 students in Canada, 1,64,000 students in UAE, 1,00,009 students in Australia etc. So, the USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, Ireland, UK, and Germany are current top destination for Indian students to pursue their higher education.


The increasing trend of Indian students choosing to study abroad is changing the landscape of study destinations for study abroad. Currently, India is one of the top sending countries for international students to top destinations in the world. The education quality, job opportunities, global exposure, cultural enrichment, freedom, and international networking opportunities are attracting Indian students to different countries. The best educational consultancies are guiding students to achieve their dreams to study the proper course in the best destination according to their requirement and aptitude.

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