Why Canada your study destination?

Every year, 300,000+ international students migrate to Canada for higher studies. With enormous possibilities and exceptional career scope, Canada remains the favorite educational hub among global countries. Below are the major reasons, “Why Canada –your study destination’?

1. Education Quality

Canada is known worldwide for its excellent education system. Canada’s higher education sector leads with a reputation for the quality of education and academic and professional contributions.

The Government of Canada is generously spending on higher education and is one of the top three countries with the highest spending per capita on higher education. 10 of the top 250 international universities are based in Canada.

2. Student-Friendly Country

Diverse cultures, student-friendly policies, security, and government support are key factors attracting more students to Canada. The benefits of student visa policies, part-time work, and permanent residence options are also factors that make Canada one of the best travel destinations for international students for higher education.

3. High standard of living

Canada ranks number one in the world for quality of life. Standard of living and quality of life, along with its simple migration process, are the main reasons for making Canada the best destination for migration.

4. Job opportunities

Canada is a great place for job seekers. Canada has recently created 1.6 million new jobs. Even the government welcomes workers of different levels from different parts of the world. Also, Canada is offering a part-time job for international students up to 20 hours a week.

5. Affordability

Canada is also known as one of the best English-speaking countries in terms of affordability. Due to low tuition and low living costs, Canada has become the most popular destination for international students.

6. Vibrant colors of Autumn

Canada adds more privilege and a soothing experience to residents with an overwhelming climate. Enjoying the vibrant and colorful autumn of this country is a major factor of attraction to this country for tourists as well.

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