Why medical education in Egypt

medical education in Egypt

Egypt has developed as a best popular destination for international students who are looking for medical education. As this third-highest population country in the Africa region is well known for its medical reputation, historical and cultural diversity; many students choose Egypt to experience best practical and clinical exposure along with quality education.

As Egyptian government commits to improve healthcare system and maintain its fame and reputation in terms of health care; large number of international students have been attracted to Egypt to pursue their medical education. Also, Egypt is known for its safety features and low crime rates with highly living standards. Egyptian medical schools are following the British model of medical education which is comprising a five-year program of undergraduate medical education along with two years of internships. Almost all medical schools in Egypt have well-established teaching hospitals, followed the English as medium of instruction and most confined the clinical training of students in the hospitals. The universities in Egypt are approved by the WHO, MCI, WFME, ECFMG, UNESCO and Medical Councils of many countries such as India, America, the UK, UAE etc. Scholarships to deserving students are also available in some ranked medical universities. Other features of medical education are discussed here.

Quality of Education: – Egyptian medical universities are recognized for providing a high quality of medical education and most medical universities are ranked among the top ranked universities in the world. Egyptian medical universities have an average PLAB and USMLE pass rate of 75% – 80% approximately. As medical schools are affiliated with top hospitals which have thousands of beds and high inpatients rates, high practical exposure is guaranteed. Also, most of the universities in Egypt have well-established faculties of medicine with experienced professors and modern and advanced facilities.
Affordability: – Compared to different western and Middle East countries, expenses of studying medical education in Egypt are very low. Getting quality medical education with tuition fees of 6000 USD per year in top ranked universities, makes the Egyptian medical education most accessible for international students.

History and Cultural diversity: – Egypt has long and rich history which enables it to provide a unique cultural experience. As it is location at a crossroad of Africa and middle east, it is always open for multiple cultures and global interactions. Egypt’s strong medical history and excellence have contributed to a strong foundation in medical knowledge and research.
Strong International Recognition: Medical degrees from Egyptian universities are internationally recognized and approved by authorities like WHO, MCI, WFME, ECFMG, UNESCO and Medical Councils of many countries such as India, America, the UK, UAE etc. Medical graduates from universities in Egypt are allowed to pursue medical careers and postgraduate studies worldwide. After completing their medical degree from universities in Egypt, students can pursue various specializations within Egypt or other countries.
Finally, Egypt’s combination of historical significance, quality education, availability of top ranked universities and affordability make it a best popular destination for higher education. Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Alexandria University, Mansoura University etc are top ranked and highly suggested universities in Egypt for medical education.

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