Artificial Intelligence Powered Aptitude test

Artificial intelligence powered aptitude test helps people to understand themselves, identify their strengths, area of interests and skills through deep analytical insights without any bias. An aptitude test enables students to understand their preferred field of knowledge or ability in a skill their strong suits and pick up their desired course of study in the future.

Sina is an aptitude test powered by artificial intelligence and developed in Finland. It’s an attractive aptitude test developed on patented technology solution that combines the power of Artificial Intelligence and surveillance cameras to provide effective and accurate results. SINA – is considered as one of the most thought-provoking aptitude tests that is available in the market now.
The result discloses the innate taste, skills of each test taker in detail that will include Intelligence profile (Single broad ability like reading, knowledge of vocabulary), broad field (social and natural science), narrow Field (Narrow Personality traits like distinguishing quality or characteristic) and skills.
This assessment measures multiple intelligence by asking 24 closed questions and taking less than 15 minutes. The answers to these questions are the conscious response of your emotions, body language, gestures, eye contacts, your overall aura analysis. This software also tracks your psycho physiological changes that stimuli of the questions elicit, which are known as the unconscious response based on a cumulative average of both, the software shows the level of each intelligence.

Features of Sina Aptitude test

Aptitude test developed in Finland and powered by Artificial Intelligence alongside a camera to determine students’ interests and skill sets.

Sina analyses both conscious and subconscious responses. The answers given proactively are the conscious response, whereas the psycho-physiological changes that the stimuli of the questions elicit are the subconscious response.

This aptitude test is designed to measure the abilities, interests, personality, and match with suitable occupations by taking a cumulative average of both the conscious and subconscious responses.

The results come in the form of a schedule specifying four categories: Intelligence profile (single broad ability like reading, knowledge of vocabulary), Broad field (social and natural sciences), Narrow field (narrow personality traits like distinguishing qualities or characteristics) and Skills.

No preparation needed and free from bias.

Comprehensive Assessment and Comprehensive Assessment of candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.

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