Transcending Borders with Dr. V. J .Varghese & Dr. David Sancho: exploring educational journey of Indian Youth in Arab Gulf

Global Education Research

The meeting with Dr. V.J. Varghese, a distinguished historian, and Dr. David Sancho, an insightful anthropologist, was truly enlightening. Their research on Indian youth in the Arab Gulf and transnational educational flows opens new windows into the complex dynamics of cultural exchange and international student mobility.

As we eagerly anticipate the outcomes of their research, it’s clear that Dr. V.J. Varghese and Dr. David Sancho are contributing significantly to our understanding of global education and student international mobility. Their dedication to unraveling stories, exploring regional modernity, and examining the impact of transnational educational flows marks a valuable addition to the academic landscape. Their collaborative efforts promise to unravel narratives that go beyond borders, shedding light on the transnational educational experiences of this vibrant community.

A special note of gratitude to Dr. V.J. Varghese and Dr. David Sancho for sharing their time, expertise, and passion for knowledge

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