Best Business Related Combination Courses in UAE for International Students

Best Business Related Combination courses

Best Business-Related Combination Courses in the UAE for International Students

EduGlider, as a premier education consultancy, plays a pivotal role in navigating international students through the myriad of educational opportunities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), particularly in business management courses. The UAE, with its robust economy and diverse academic environment, offers a variety of programs for students aiming to excel in the business domain. Here’s an overview of some top combination courses available in the UAE, offered through EduGlider’s esteemed university partnerships.


EduGlider’s University Partnerships and Courses

EduGlider collaborates with several prestigious institutions within the UAE, providing specialized business combination courses tailored to the needs of international students. Here are some standout programs available through our partnerships:


Business and Management Studies at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Dubai: This program equips students with foundational and advanced knowledge in business management, preparing them for versatile managerial roles.


Business and Finance (Hons) at Heriot-Watt University Dubai: Designed for those who aim to blend business acumen with financial expertise, this course prepares students for careers in the global finance industry.


Digital Business and Data Science at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Dubai: Aligning with the digital transformation of businesses worldwide, this program melds business strategies with digital technology and data analytics.


Business Management (Human Resource Management) (Hons) at Middlesex University Dubai: Focused on strategic human resources management, this specialization is ideal for future HR professionals.


Business Management (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) (Hons) at Middlesex University Dubai: Emphasizing innovation and entrepreneurial skills, this course is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Business Management with Psychology (Hons) at the University of Birmingham Dubai: This interdisciplinary course merges business strategies with insights from psychology, enhancing both organizational and individual effectiveness.

Psychology with Management (Hons) at Heriot-Watt University Dubai: This combination offers psychological principles within business contexts, preparing students for leadership roles in various sectors.


Eligibility and EduGlider’s Support

Eligibility criteria for these programs include a high school diploma with a satisfactory GPA, language proficiency, and specific academic prerequisites tailored to each course. EduGlider aids students in navigating these requirements, providing expert advice and consultation to ensure they choose the program that best fits their academic and career objectives.



Choosing to study in the UAE through EduGlider allows students to access world-class education in business management, alongside unique networking opportunities in a global business hub. Whether your interest lies in finance, digital business, or integrating psychological practices into business strategies, EduGlider provides comprehensive guidance to help you select the perfect program to advance your career aspirations and academic goals.

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