UAE, an emerging hub for higher education

UAE has developed as one of the leading hub and attractive destination of international students for higher education especially in Asia. The top ranked universities from different countries like Australia, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States are available in the UAE.

As UAE has strong connectivity with other countries, connecting point of international passengers, hub of tourism, logistics, finance, and business; its growing as one of attractive destination of international student of their higher education. According to the data of UNESCO, the number of international degree-seeking students in the UAE recently increased from 48,653 in 2011 to 77,463 in 2016. Dubai’s international higher education institutions reported annual enrolment growth of 3.6 per cent, with more than 29,000 students currently enrolled in university programs as per the data of KHDA. – 28% of them are international students. This indicates that UAE is continuing in marking its position as leading international study destination.

The employability, job opportunities and business possibilities in different sectors are important concerns to flourish the field of higher education in UAE. The availability of multinational companies, corporate offices and international events are increasing the possibilities of employability in the UAE. The internship, practicum, placement facilities in the cooperate offices and international companies provide the practical exposure to the students. Most universities in the UAE have partners across various industry sectors which can support the students for their placements, work experience or future career prospects.

Student friendly policies, part time job opportunities, extension of one year residency visa, golden visa of ten years and five years for excellent students make the UAE as international student friendly country. Approaches of government towards students by providing allowances, scholarships and assistantships should bring more international students from different part of globe.

The investment of UAE government in the field of innovation, research, technology, and science especially the areas of fourth industrial revolution; hopefully attract more students to UAE. The UAE government considers the establishing a competitive knowledge economy as a national priority and they have increased their investment in the educational sector.

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