World University Ranking 2023: the geopolitics of knowledge is shifting

University of Oxford holds first position in the world university ranking for its seventh consecutive year. Oxford is followed by Harvard University in second, while the University of Cambridge (up from 5th) and Stanford University (up from 4th) share third place. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology holds fifth place.


US’s share of the world’s top 100 universities is started declining as its number decreased from 43 to 34 of the world’s top 100 positions. Popular and reputed universities including Ohio State university and Michigan State lost their top 100 status. Meanwhile, mainland China’s share of the world top 100 positions has risen from just two in 2018, to an impressive seven today. Hong Kong has a further five top 100 institutions, up from just three in 2018. South Korea has three top 100 places, up from two in 2018. Singapore and Japan both takes two top 100 places each

Six universities in the UAE marked good ranking in the overall world rankings for 2023, five are on the rise – led by the United Arab Emirates University and the University of Sharjah, which have both surged this year into the world top 300 list. Saudi’s King Abdulaziz University is one of the fastest rising universities in the world, rocketing to 101st position this year, from 190th last year, and the Kingdom is the most improved nation, by national average score, in the world rankings this year. This evaluated as impact of heavy investment of government in higher education sector for the objectives of innovation and development.

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